Coordination and Support Action for Quantum Technology Education – QTEdu CSA

QTEDu CSA project assists the European Quantum Flagship with the creation of the learning ecosystem necessary to inform and educate society about quantum technologies. The goal is that a quantum-ready society, with knowledge about and positive attitudes towards quantum technologies, will enable the emergence of a quantum-ready workforce.

A competent workforce is needed in order to increment the economic exploitation of quantum technologies in engineering application. The quantum community, in their Strategic Research Agenda, requested a dedicated Coordination and Support Action due to an immediate need for coordinated public education and outreach efforts at all levels ranging from schools, through universities, and up to the working environment and general public. To bridge this gap the European Commission promptly responded to this request and issued the call “FETFLAG-07-2020 Training and Education on Quantum Technologies”. The QTEdu CSA project was founded as a result of this call and runs from September 2020 to August 2022.

The QTEdu is addressing the education needs in the following steps:

  • Building a diverse QTEdu community of researchers, educators and resource providers in Europe engaged in quantum technology education.
  • Support the community with an infrastructure for sharing education resources and networking.
  • Kick-start pan-European pilot projects within the community for creating new education offers for school and university students, workforce, and the general public.
  • Bottom-up construction of common language of competencies in quantum technologies and a roadmap towards a Pan-European Quantum Workforce.

QTEdu will bridge the existing gap coordinating community efforts that will lead to

–       The scale up of training and education offer;
–       Increase interdisciplinarity;
–       Draw attention to present and future corporate and societal needs;
–       Connect QT Master students to industry.

The project consortium gathers research institutes and Universities with leading experience in outreach and physics education at different levels with a focus on quantum physics, its practical applications and education.

More information available at the QTEdu website.

Project Information

Start date:
1 September 2020

End date:
31 August 2022

Funded under:

Overall budget:
€ 340 763,75

Coordinated by: